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How To Tidy A Messy Beard

Whether you’re getting ready to go to work, out to town or on a date... tidying up your unruly beard can help you look put together, even if you've just woken up. It's easier than you think and all it takes are a few steps, so let’s get into it.


Beard oil &  Beard Wax are go to products for many, a trustworthy friend that is well loved for a reason. Nish Man Beard Oil &  Beard Wax will help you tame your mane and give you that fuller look, making it easier to style your beard and allow you to shape it as you desire. 

For those starting their beard journey, it can be irritating having your beard look like a mess. Beard Oil & Wax help alleviate these problems.

Pump a small drop of Nish Man Beard Oil and work through the ends of your beard to deeply moisturise and hydrate. Grab a small quantity of Nish Man Beard Wax and gently smooth it onto your palm, work it into your beard from top to bottom. Style as desired.

Beard Wax & Oil


Men with longer beards often get tangles or curls in their facial hair that need buffing out. 

When it comes to picking the best materials for brushes, using wood products are the best choice.  Wood is a natural material and will generate less static than plastic while also being incredibly strong, giving you a solid product that will last.

By using a beard comb you are helping in the removal of all the dirt and dead skin that can be trapped underneath.

The main benefits are:

Benefits of using a beard comb - a comb is perfect for detangling and styling your hair.

Benefits of using a beard brush - It will help condition your hair by reaching to stray hairs and distributing products evenly.


Stray hairs can make a well grown beard look messy. You want to trim it to an even length, without taking too much off. 

With the right products and knowledge, a well maintained beard is well within reach.

Explore our range of beard brush, beard oil and beard wax.