Nish Man Aqua Hair Styling Wax 02 Sport 150ml x 3 Pack

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The Nish Man Aqua Hair Styling Wax 02 Sport 150ml Pack includes:

3x Nish Man Aqua Hair Styling Wax 02 Sport 150ml (lasting you over 6 months of use!)

Water based wax that separates and defines without leaving residue behind. Gives all the shine and control of a wax in a clean, water-based formula. A re-workable wax that gives definition, shine and a firm hold which will last throughout the whole day.

What is does: The product is used to thicken the hair and give the ultimate hold. Offering the highest holding rate out of the whole range.

Who is it for: For men that want a strong hold but still with shine. Designed to control all hair types and styles, even thick, coarse, wavy hair. Stays moist throughout the day. Also, it is used by women.

How to use it: Rub a small amount between hands and massage into damp or dry hair. Use it alone or create a custom blend with another NISHMAN styling product. Shampoos out easily